TEMPO (Splash)

120 USD
Introducing "The Tempo", a bimetal collaboration between 2sick and Radical Seas utilizing 6061 aluminum for the body and brass or stainless steel for the rim material. The Tempo is a fullsized yoyo with a smooth rounded V shape that is extremely stable and long spinning. This collaboration brought design aspects from both companies to produce the best possible playing yoyo. The Tempo is based off the smooth and comfortable shape of the popular Radical Seas Oracle with tweaks to take it to perfection. The 2sick flavor comes heavily in the very unique and innovative "Sandwiched" weight ring embedded in the rim. This allows for a unique weight distribution and a clean/simplistic aesthetic. Estimated Specs: 55.5mm Dia 44mm Width 63g weight C size Centertrac bearing 19mm silicone pad **Photo by La Tienda del yoyo