150 USD
When it came to designing the Knight, I wanted to do something different than what is already available. So with some very intricate design work I have created a truly unique looking and playing Yoyo. A lot of work and time designing has gone into this yoyo and I'm sure it will show. 

The Knight is a competition ready Bimetal design. It features a truly unique and first of it's kind aluminum body/stainless steel ring design. Unlike the other bimetal yoyos coming out with a ring on the rim or on the inside of the cup, the Knights ring is actually an indented ring that is fitted in the rim of the aluminum body. 

This gives 3 major advantages:
1) Many Bimetal yoyos have issues with ring slippage which can lead to vibe or an unplayable yoyo. This ring placement is press fitted in the rim which means that there will be absolutely no ring slippage when the yoyo makes any bad contact. 
2) The indented ring allows for a unique weight placement that cannot be done like other yoyos. It allows for packing tons of rim weight into a confined location. 
3) The indented ring allows for a completely fresh and unique aesthetic to the yoyo. Since this is the first bimetal to use this ring placement it allows for a new look that you have yet to see. 
The Knight has a very nice angular V shape. The cup features our 2sick ring which makes it amazing for fingerspins. The shape and cup both allow for the Knight to excel at the different types of grinds. The gap is very large which allows for multiple string segments without being snaggy. This is a true masterpiece to kill every competition. 
We're all well aware that many bimetals are costly and while this is true among many, I wanted it to be affordable (compared to other high end bimetals) but not sacrifice the performance or quality. 

Diameter: 55.26 mm
Width: 43.71 mm
Weight: 63 grams
Gap width: 4.8mm
Bearing: Center trac
Response: Red 19mm silicone pad
MSRP: $150